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On recent U.S. events

It’s been an absurdly long week around here, the election and its ramifications being a major, but non-exclusive, component of that. Right now, we’re both working hard on the things we need to do to protect ourselves, our families, our friends, … Continue reading

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What’s coming up, maintaining the schedule, and New Story Energy

Right now, J. Alex Cook is trying to figure out what family means to him. There’s a kid named Nate who’s about to have what he hopes isn’t the most awkward coming out party Nashville’s ever seen.  Michael has the … Continue reading

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Rainbow Book Fair recap — Thank you!

Yesterday was my and Erin’s first book fair — the Rainbow Book Fair in NYC.  For me, who once worked at Lambda Rising in Washington DC and enjoys the occasional foray into retail work, it was fantastic to be in … Continue reading

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The Write Pet: Cats, Death, and Cat death

(Some sadness ahead) This morning at my day job, I got an email from my dad: Chip is still alive but I don’t think he has many days let. I’m starting to think he’s near the point where it’s selfish … Continue reading

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