After the Gold playlist

Gold6 copyErin and I haven’t done a playlist for a book for a long time, in part because we came to the conclusion that no one really cares but us. That said, a book about competitive figure skating necessarily has music at its core. And, for all the skating (and general hotness) inspiration we’ve talked about, we haven’t really talked about music, and how much After the Gold wouldn’t exist without some of the songs on this list.

Before we had even decided to write this book, my brain couldn’t stop choreographing a skating routine to “Glitter & Gold” (the jumps are in the pauses, the footwork sequence in the bridge). And if it weren’t for “Sky Full of Song” we might not have realized this book needed a Heroine Cries in the Shower scene.

This playlist will probably expand as release day approaches, but if you need something to set the mood now, here you go:

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