An update on book availability in the wake of the Pronoun closure

Pronoun, a distribution tool for independent publishers is moving towards shutdown between now and January 2018. As Erin ad I distribute books using this tool, we wanted to let you know how this will and won’t impact you:

– We are currently migrating titles off of pronoun and on to various sites directly or through D2D. This may result in brief periods where books aren’t available on a platform you expect to see them on. We don’t expect any outages to be more than 48 hours and are trying to avoid major shopping days. However, we are still committed to distributing wide so you can read on your preferred platforms.

– GooglePlay has proven to be difficult for us to access as indie publishers. We are currently working on this. Our titles will remain on GooglePlay via Pronoun for as long as possible, and we hope to have a solution to this issue before the Pronoun shutdown.

– If you are having trouble accessing a book because of changes made between when you purchased it and when you went to download it, please email us at and we’ll get it sorted.

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