Snare – Free through July 5!

We’ll be taking Snare out of KU soon, meaning you’ll be able to buy it on any of the major distributor sites. But! Before it goes, we’ve set it free for everyone for the next few days.

New York City-Sex. Death. Taxes.Also vampires. (2).png

When Elliot Iverson, a municipal employee responsible for paperwork pertaining to New York City’s vampire population, knocks on the door of the Gramercy warren, he wants only to resolve a clerical error. But a sudden snowstorm, a new friendship, and an ill-advised threesome force Elliot to make some big choices about his own life and death.

Please be aware that this story contains some consent issues and is HFN. I wouldn’t call it dark romance, but it’s for sure creepy and has some not nice people in it. It’s not for everyone.


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