Tremontaine S1 is now in hardcover and paperback… and people like it!

tremontaine_s1_printTremontaine is here, and people like it, including:

The Washington Post: “The real magic is how well six authors can spin together a narrative. The book is a prequel of sorts to Ellen Kushner’s ‘Swordspoint’ series, but stands perfectly well alone…The story is a joy, and literally swashbuckling. Overseeing all the machinations is the Duchess Tremontaine, a villain so laughably scheming that you can’t help but root for her.” “more dazzling and provocative than you can imagine…more diverse than ever before, and more bursting with ideas and strangeness.”

Lightspeed Magazine: “deliciously satisfying.”

Locus Magazine: “Well-paced, excellently written…delighting in the opportunity to fully indulge in its drama of manners (and swords), it’s one of the most accomplished and purely enjoyable things I’ve read in a while. I recommend it highly.”

Want to know more about how we wrote it? Check out our team’s recent AMA on Reddit.

Want to read it? You can grab it from Amazon or wherever you buy books!

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