Love in Los Angeles rereleases coming soon

starling_newStarling will once again be available starting February 14, 2017. This newly edited and expanded edition is over 5,000 words longer than the original edition and contains additional new material (as we trimmed of one or two things from the original). It’s not all about Victor, but a lot of it is.

doves2Initially, the Starling ebook will only be available on Amazon as we enter the book in KU for its first 90 days. We’re working on the paperback edition now, and that will be available anywhere you like to shop in a few weeks as printing happens (paperbacks currently listed on Amazon are the old edition).

Meawhile, we’ve put up the preorder for the Doves rerelease, which you’ll be able to grab May 9. If our schedule is kind to us, the ebook and paperback will be available at the same time, and we’ll release Starling wide to other ebook platforms shortly there after.

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