Tremontaine S1 print cover reveal

tremontaine_s1_printThe cover for the paperback and hardcover editions of Tremontaine Season 1 is here!

In a city where sharp swords cut deep and sharp wit cuts even deeper, two strangers come to town.

One is a brash young spy from across the sea, exiled from her bright home where jaguars stalk the forests. Ixkaab Balam is sure she can take on these simple foreigners, who rely on her Trader family to import their precious chocolate.

One is a farmgirl selling turnips in the market…who just happens to be a math genius. When a raffish scholar takes her under his wing, she finds a place at the University–and if they all think she’s a boy, Micah doesn’t care, as long as they let her study numbers.

Brooding over them all is Diane, Duchess Tremontaine: a beautiful, clever woman with a secret that must be kept hidden at all costs. And when Ixkaab’s adventures and Micah’s research threaten to destroy all that she has built, Diane moves her pieces into play.

Out from Saga Press, May 2, 2017!


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2 Responses to Tremontaine S1 print cover reveal

  1. Missy says:

    The print cover looks really amazing; nicer than the ebook’s one. Will the contents of the print book be the same as the complete season 1 that’s available on

    That said, may I ask if the Tremontaine series, so far seasons 1 and 2 are all back stories (prequels) to the 3 main books and should they be read before the main books are read?
    What about future seasons, 3, 4 , etc. Will those be continued ‘prequels’ of the main books too?

    There are many references/opinions on Good Reads but sadly I couldn’t make them into a cohesive and enlightening whole. So please put me out of this Swordspoint/Riverside confusion.

    So far I’ve read Arrivals, and I’m a third ways in Swordspoint and already I know I’m missing a lot of back stories.

    Any suggestions please, Racheline?

    • The print edition is, other than a few copy-editing cleanups identical to the season as it was released digitally. The original art for each episode (the original digital covers) are also in the book.

      Tremontaine was’t even thought of when Ellen wrote Swordspoint, so you’re currently experiencing the stories in the same manner in which they were created. Ellen wrote this post about what order to choose to read them in:

      The seasons of Tremontaine represent a continuous narrative starting about 15 years before the events of Swordspoint, so Tremontaine seasons are a continuous thread. A few characters in Swordspoint appear in Tremontaine, but far from all.

      Hope this helps!

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