New project, new contract… and it’s F/F!

While I’m holiday (a holiday consumed with editing, producing and behind devoured by sand flies) and Erin is recovering from hanging out with my cats and seeing Hamilton, we have some news!

We’ve just signed a contract for Desperate Needs, our first F/F romance to be published by Riptide Publishing probably in 2018. Desperate Needs will be part of a multi-author series of interlinked books that all center around a private social club for women who love women with branches in New York and Los Angeles.

Here’s the pitch blurb on the book (although P.S., character names may change because sometimes we’re persnickety like that):

Diane Darling is the daughter of a dynasty. Although she has been raised since birth to walk red carpets and carry on her parents A-list acting legacy, Diane fancies herself an auteur. There’s just one problem: Securing financing from a Hollywood money machine that only puts women in the director’s chair 10% of the time.

Diane thinks she’s found her big break when her parents’ connections lead her to Walter Bancroft, a successful producer responsible for two of the last decade’s Best Picture winners. But when he offers to pony up 80% of the funds she needs to film her movie, Diane finds out his largesse comes with strings–of the casting couch variety.

When Diane turns down the funds, Walter’s wife Cynthia, who has spent years watching her husband “help” creative women while her own life has been devoted to supporting Walter’s career, catches her on the way out. She hands Diane a business card for the Rose and Thorns and suggests Diane might find allies, and funds, there.

As Diane follows the lead provided to her by Cynthia, she encounters a whole world of female power players the Hollywood myth told her never existed. She also discovers that Walter has a long record of preying on women looking to get ahead. With the aid of Cynthia and her new friends, Diane sets about making her movie, bringing down Walter, and winning Cynthia’s heart for her very own.

We’ll be posting more about this series, including all the participating authors as they announce on their own social media!

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