New contract – Snare

34-gramercy-park-e_viewWe’re pleased to report that Snare, our novella about bureaucracy, NYC as a vampire prison island, and a snowbound Gramercy Park just sold to Torquere Press. Release sometime TBD in 2016!

This book is strangely personal for me. I lived on Gramercy Park for a few bad years in my 20s. During that time, I was particularly fascinated with 34 Gramercy Park, which I only ever entered once and has an energy to it so strange that I know several people who refuse to walk on the sidewalk in front of it, preferring to cross to hew closer to the gated park which is opened to the public just one day a year.

Many of 34’s apartments have been renovated/modernized in recent years, but when I saw it, it was still a warren of strangely broken up rooms and corridors. While the building itself is unnamed in this alternative version of New York, know that it is the setting for the bulk of this story, which, while sexual and about relationships, is not a romance.

Snare was written listening to Vienna Teng’s “Goodnight New York” on repeat and is about the heartbreak of living here and leaving here, even if it’s only in death and myth.

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1 Response to New contract – Snare

  1. G.G. Andrew says:

    Congratulations, that is awesome! Really love the mix of bureaucracy and a vampire prison island 🙂

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