Thanksgiving sale and December preview

There are a lot of things happening and about to happen, so a quick update:

exchangeofpowerRIGHT NOW (through November 27, 2015 at midnight CST), you can get 25% off everything at Torquere Press and their YA imprint Prizm Books with code Thankful2015You can see all of Erin and Racheline’s titles here:, but we also want to encourage you to check out Torquere’s other offerings. One of the things we love about working with them is that they publish books on the whole LGBTQ+ spectrum and have never balked at bisexual characters or including multiple orientations in our stories.

LiLa trioComing up in December, there are also going to be some exciting sales. If you sign up for our once-a-month newsletter, you’ll be the first know about one of them! (Full disclosure: Most sales we don’t know about in advance, so we just post them when our publishers tell us about them, but this is a unique case and we hope will encourage you to tell your friends about our work).

AFAIRHANDOn December 2, “A Fair Hand“, Patty Bryant and Racheline’s episode of Tremontaine will hit the shelves. While it’s one of the better episodes to start with (our characters are preparing for a big event that has just made itself front and center in all their dilemmas), the truly best place to start is the beginning. Tremontaine‘s first episode remains free at and Amazon.

Sometime in December — we’re still working out the logistics — Erin and I will be doing a Blab chat sponsored by Torquere.

Sometime in December — again with the working out the logistics — Racheline will be doing an “Ask the Producer” Q&A on Twitter or Tumblr or Facebook (where do you want it?) about Tremontaine.

attheinkwellAnd don’t forget, on December 9, Racheline will be reading at KGB Bar in NYC.

We currently have several new works in submission or about to go into submission, with any luck, we’ll also have some new publication announcements for you soon.

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