Podcasts, sales, and more!

Wrote-Red-200SquareThis past Friday, Erin and I recorded for the Written on the Edge (WROTE) podcast, formerly known as the Three M/Musketeers podcast, which rebranded to be more inclusive to all forms of LGBTQ+ literature.  We had a long, hilarious chat which will soon be distilled into 30 minutes for your listening pleasure.

Topics that you might get to hear about? Our desperate need for a queer lit category as distinct from gay lit and M/M romance; my crankiness about “responsible storytelling” because you can pry my queer villains out of my cold dead hands; some know-your-history about AIDS, the 80s, and spy movies; and a round of Inside the Actors Studio questions in which we obsess on Hamilton and Regency menswear and discover Erin is a much nicer person than me. Also, Erin reads and excerpt from Midsummer.

LiLa trioMeanwhile, all of our titles from Torquere Press are on sale for 25% off ebooks at All Romance for the rest of the month.  Remember that in addition to this discount, All Romance has a buy-10-get-1-free policy year round and in October, is giving away all sorts of free goodies at random during checkout. You can see all our titles on All Romance here: https://www.allromanceebooks.com/storeSearch.html?searchBy=author&qString=Racheline+Maltese

TremontaineNext up, Tremontaine launches on October 28, 2015.

While the best thing you can do if you’re going to be joining us for this tale of swords, intrigue, math, chocolate, and queerness, is to subscribe at the Serial Box site (you’ll save money, get automatic downloads, and get the ebook and audio versions of every episode), the first three episodes are now up for pre-order on Amazon if that’s your jam: Arrivals | The North Side of the Sun | Heavenly Bodies

Additionally, we’ll be having a Tremontaine launch party at World Fantasy Con in Saratoga Springs on November 7. If you’ll be at the con, please come by our Saturday night event.  There will be food, drink, and swords (not in that order!)

queerromanceOn the blogging front, Erin and I have also been pleased to be a part of the now annual Queer Romance Month. You can see our post for this year’s event, focusing on why “love is love” is both a great and terrible phrase, here: http://www.queerromancemonth.com/erin-mcrae-and-racheline-maltese-2015/

Finally, have you been intrigued by our chatter about our contemporary royal romance featuring a male-female couple and a supporting character best described as “genderqueer royal Wednesday Addams?”  If so, we’re happy to say we’re doing about another week of edits before sharing it with our first readers prior to revising on their comments and submitting it, keeping us well on track to have it in your hands sometime in 2016. And! We now have a title — the book will be submitted at A Queen from the North.

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