May/December Relationships and power dynamics: flipping the scales

MidsummerFSPower dynamics are often a huge issue in May/December relationships. For some readers, that’s the draw. For others, it’s a turnoff. For us, with Midsummer, which features a couple with a 17 year age difference (they’re 25 and 42), it seemed like something really fun to play with.

John, our 42-year-old, has the benefit of life experience, including a marriage and divorce behind him. But his love story in this book is his first one with a man. For all the experience he does have, so many things — including how other people perceive him when he’s dating someone of the same sex — is new to him.

Meanwhile Michael, our 25-year-old, may be young, but he’s been happily around the block a few times. He may not be good at fighting fair or having difficult relationship conversations, but he’s been out and comfortable with his sexuality since he was a young teenager. A lot of the things that seem new to John are old hat to him.

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