Join the celebration of International Fanworks Day

International_Fanworks_Day_-_EnglishAs part of the celebration of International Fanworks Day on February 15, the Organization for Transformative Works will be hosting a live chat with three authors who have written both fanfiction and published works.

I’m super excited to be a part of this along with Tara Sue Me and Cecilia Tan (who has been featured on this blog before), especially at a time when Starling has recently gotten it’s first fan art!

Why fanworks should be celebrated

February 8, 2015, 17:00-19:00 UTC (What time is that in my timezone?)

Moderator: Francesca Coppa, OTW Board director emerita

Guests: Racheline MalteseTara Sue MeCecilia Tan

The chat will be held in the OTW’s Public Discussion chatroom.

For anyone who can’t join the chat live the OTW expects to post a transcript of the event within 24 hours.

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