Doves: Dark, Stormy, but with a 100% chance of HEA by morning

Doves CoverNow, when we say Doves is dark, we don’t mean angsty, or pain and sadness for pain and sadness’s sake. We also don’t mean that Doves doesn’t have a happy ending. It does, with multiple HEAs for multiple couples. But the road various relationships take to get there winds through some pretty dark woods, and the characters have to do some real work, with themselves and with each other, to get out of the trees.

Our hero, Alex, can be a brat and sows a bit more trouble in his wake than is strictly necessary, but he’s twenty-two and still learning to deal with the intrusive and peculiar burdens of fame. He’s also figuring out that being in a relationship doesn’t mean being owned. Being plucked out of obscurity as a production assistant to become a TV star at the age of 20, has not left Alex particularly well-adjusted, and he doesn’t really have any healthy tools — or plausible role models — for dealing with  interpersonal conflict.

Which Paul, his boyfriend, is not helping with.

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