Do the Thing! Organization

Do the thingWith Doves coming out next week, we are in full marketing mode over here at Avian30. Which means a lot of dividing and conquering of the epic collective to-do list we have to get ready for release day.

For the most part, when we’re not in release-countdown-crunch mode, I can keep a decent to-do list in my head without being too afraid of forgetting something. But with the blog tour and everything marketing, there are a million little things that have to be done in a particular order and by particular times. Which means that I have been taxing my Google Calendar and WorkFlowy to the max. And kind of even getting this post out on time!

So this week, when we’re trying to keep our heads on straight, do all the things in the right order, and not miss any deadlines, we’re basically popping in to say: You can do it. The thing that seems too long and complicated and that, even when you break it down into all its tiny little digestible bits, seems overwhelming. Because eventually, you’ll get all those little things done. Even if it seems like it’s not going to be until next century.

So let us know what thing you’re trying to keep your head above water on this week. We’ll give you a wave of encouragement from our swamp over here!

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