The Awesome Women of Love in Los Angeles, Part 9: Carly Amadahy (is back!)

So Doves comes out in just over two weeks (and is available for preorder from Torquere now), which means we’re going to get you caught up with what some of the amazing women you know and love from Starling.

First, is Carly. Liam’s non-nonsense fiancée, Paul’s ex-girlfriend and best friend, and the chick Alex admires fiercely and is mildly terrified of, Carly spends Doves wishing the people around her would get their shit in order — and often goes out of her way to help them do just that. She’s trying to plan a celebrity wedding when Liam’s work schedule leaves them barely any time to see each other. Don’t even talk to her about their hunt for a house. She’s worried Paul is falling apart, she’s by turns amused and annoyed at Alex’s complete failures to be a grownup, she’s royally pissed at Victor for all sorts of things, and she really, really wishes that people would stop making Liam cry.

Carly is a private person with a rich tapestry of loves and relationships. We got to see some of that in Evergreen, and even more of that will come to the fore in Doves. For everyone who wanted more Carly and Liam, and Carly in general, it’s definitely coming your way.

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