The Awesome Women of Love in Los Angeles, Part 8: Darcy DeRosier

Of the fabulous new women that are introduced in Doves, Darcy is one of our absolute favorites. She’s eighteen. She grew up in New York. She’s a theater brat and has a bevvy of younger siblings — who are also theater brats. Her parents changed the family’s last name so their kids would have more memorable stage names. She was on Broadway for years before she moved out to L.A. to star in Paul’s new T.V. series Winsome, A.Z. And she has a talent for saying things that are absolutely, completely filter-free, self-interested, and industry-hostile. But since she’s bouncy and pretty and charming, she gets away with it. She’s baffling enough that most people don’t take her too seriously at all, but smart enough that she uses that to get exactly what she wants.

Alex likes her immensely, but whenever he has to deal with Darcy and Liam in too-close proximity, he usually just ends up moaning at Paul about the horror of former child stars. They’re incredibly different people who share a streak of certainty that those around them are interested in their every utterance.

Darcy is smart, fierce, and driven, and she is determined that she’s going to make it in L.A. Of course, because it’s Darcy, it’s not like she has much doubt about the sure success of her own future.  She was a Broadway star, and now she’s going to be a T.V. star, even if that involves making her name for herself playing a recent high-school graduate running a prostitution ring in a tiny truckstop town in the American Southwest. And she doesn’t care in the least if being America’s new favorite call girl is going to ruin her little sister’s chances of playing baby Cosette. That’s her parents’ problem now.

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