Do the Thing: It’s still Monday, somewhere

Do the thingContinuing our theme of “sometimes things slip,” we realized this morning we hadn’t gotten to posting a Do the Thing yesterday. Racheline was dealing with an unexpected shift in her dayjob schedule, I was dealing with our galleys on Evergreen, and collectively it just Did Not Happen.

Which is irritating, for us at least, and for any of you who look for this series on Mondays as we all try to struggle on to the week from a weekend of doing things, or recovering from doing thing, or preparing to doing things (for us, it’s usually all three). Because we want to do all the things we plan to do and schedule to do.

But plans shift, schedules change, and galleys get priority. We’re getting better at using the limited hours we do have efficiently (cf: This post is going up Tuesday morning, instead of next Monday like the last time we forgot!) Everything’s a process, and things don’t always get fixed the second or third or even eighth time. Sometimes that’s time management. Sometimes that’s a plot element that just doesn’t work. Sometimes that’s my brain and how well it’s (not) coping with the lack of sunlight this winter.

So what’s the thing you’re keeping going on, for the second or third or eighth attempt? Because it’s rarely the third time that’s actually the charm, and the trick to getting to getting it done is to just keep going.


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