NaNoWriMo: Days 14-15

At 20,551, we’ve kind of painfully fallen below NaNo par for now, but since we don’t think the final story is going to be much longer than 30K, we are (I am) quelling my internal Hermione and not getting hung up on the grade word count for now.

Part of the slow is that we’re still battling various sick/busy/recovering from the sick/busy-ness. Part of it is that now we’re back to being able to look at the story something like full-time, we’re starting at the beginning and doing an editing pass. We don’t normally do this until we get to the end of the story and have what we usually call a “Draft 0.5,” but in this case, with the interruptions we’ve dealt with and the multiple discoveries we’ve made about the stories in the last few days, it seems warranted.

To get an idea of what our editing passes look like: It’s all the notes. Everywhere. In-text and in the margins. Behold the horror (And, yes, we’ve managed to find a new title for it: Half Lives):



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