NaNoWriMo: Day 1

Racheline has a horrific cold. I had a lot of wine with dinner. Still, we cranked out 4,333 words today, rediscovered why we hate writing story intros, why exposition can be really fucking hard, and that complex worldbuilding cannot be conveyed in two sentences (we totally did it in three).

But now with the intro out of the way, we’re excited to dive more into the meat of the story tomorrow (pun very much not intended.) We won’t always have word counts like that  — we’re going to get publisher edits back on a piece any day now, and still have dayjobs and other projects that continue to need our attention, but damn does it feel good to start with.

To everyone else out there who survived the first day of NaNo and are now on to day 2: Congrats! You’re Doing the Thing!

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