New Sale: Evergreen to Torquere Press

Evergreen is an 11,000+ word novelette that will be out as part of Torquere’s Santa’s Little Kinksters anthology, coming on December 17, 2014. You’ll be able to buy it on its own or with the other stories in the anthology. Currently digital-only for the story and for the whole antho, but that may change in the future.

Evergreen takes place between Starling and Doves and features Liam and his best friend Charles (who we met briefly in Starling) in New York trying to sort their deal out in light of Liam’s decisions at the end of Starling. The situation is challenging, and Liam wants advice, but every time he goes to one of his inner circle for that advice, they’re… er… tied up (or tying up) with their own stuff.

Featuring Liam, Charles, Carly, Alex, and Victor. (Yes, Paul is in it too, but he’s a little busy).

You don’t have to read this to be ready for Doves, but we think it’s a ton of fun!

P.S., Carly has a girlfriend.

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