Want a Sneak Peek at Chapter 1 of Doves?

Did you read Starling? Do you want to talk about it? Was that preview in the back of the book for Doves not enough to tide you over until January? For the next week, if you leave a review on Starling, we’ll give you an exclusive look at the full first chapter of Doves, including some rock climbing, a flight to South Carolina, and what happens the first night Paul and Alex spend together under Paul’s mother’s roof.

All you have to do is leave an honest review on Amazon and send us the link to it (at erin.and.racheline@gmail.com) — and we’ll send you Doves Chapter 1 (Note: we’re still in the final editorial process there, so all mistakes are ours).

If you’ve already left a review and want a peek, no problem, just send us the link to that!

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