Do the thing: Some days are awesome

Do the thingSome days, for no good reason, absolutely suck. But some days, also for no good reason, are absolutely awesome.

Today is one of the latter. Maybe it’s the crisp fall weather (well, as crisp as it ever gets in D.C.) Maybe it’s Mercury Retrograde starting to come to an end. For whatever reason, Racheline and I are on fire today — we’ve had a couple guest posts go up, we’re dealing with administrativia and brainstorming and putting words on paper with a fierceness we haven’t in weeks, in part because we’ve been busy and in part because the energy just wasn’t there.

But it’s there now, and we’re grateful for it, even as we keep emailing back and forth going “Hey, today feels good.”

Because some days just feel good. When you’ve got them, use them. And when it’s one of those craptastic days, and everything is going wrong or you just can’t brain and it seems like nothing will ever go right again, remember that it will — even if for no good reason that you can ever tell or anticipate.

So, what do you feel good about? What do you feel shitty about? Put it in the comments, and we’ll offer cheers and encouragement.

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1 Response to Do the thing: Some days are awesome

  1. Anton says:

    I am stuck in the midst of writing something and it feels like wading through taffy to get the voices right and in sync. It makes for slow going and slowness makes me crazy. But I’m writing and that’s more than I expected lately.

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