Do the Thing: The work will still be there

Do the thingTonight, Racheline is speaking at All of Them Witches. I’ve just arrived home after being on holiday in the woods (and without internet) for the last 10 days. Between being off the grid, family obligations, dayjob obligations, and some genuinely awesome events (see: what Racheline’s doing tonight) we haven’t actually gotten much work done.

Which can be maddening. The list of stories we want to write is endless and growing; with a novel out in the world now the number of balls we have in the air keeps growing, not shrinking. When the number of hours in a day does get shorter, even temporarily, because of everything else  that just must be done, it can feel a little like despair. After all, how can we ever do the Thing when there are so many things not the Thing that need to be done?

But no matter how endless the not-Thing tasklist is, it’s not actually infinite. Eventually, things calm down and go back to normal (for whatever given value of “normal” we’re working with). And when it does, the work will be there.

One thing I’ve learned, slowly and sometimes painfully, over the last 14 months that we’ve been working together, is that it’s not worth the energy to stress over everything I can’t do on a given day. Eventually, I will get to it. And until then, my resources are better spent actually doing things so I can get to do the Thing that much sooner.

So let yourself do what needs to be done — whether it’s dealing with the plumber or finishing up that project at your dayjob or even going on holiday. The work isn’t going away.

So let us know the things you have to deal with before you can get back to the Thing. We’re happy to help reassure that the work will be there when you get back — our certainly always is.

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