Do the thing! (Even though you’re totally going to screw it up)

Do the thingWow. It’s 11:33pm, and we just remembered it’s Monday and that it’s time for Do the thing!

Considering we’re now five days past our first book launch this seems like a good time to tell you what will happen when you Do the Thing!

Well, lots of things will happen, but the important one right now is this: Shit will go wrong.

A lot of shit.

A lot of shit no one cares about but you.

Stuff won’t happen when you think it will. There will be technical snafus. There will be instructions misunderstood. And you will be tired, and you will forget stuff, and it will all seem like the apocalypse.

None of it, however, actually is, even if some of it turns out to be a little cringe-worthy.

And the reason you need to know this isn’t to try to get things perfect or even to accept that you can’t.

The reason you need to know this is because a lot of us are really afraid of success. We don’t think we’ll survive it — either because it’ll be really big and scary or really anti-climatic (You know what you have to do after you get a book published? You get to go back to writing the next one).  I mean, holy crap, we just wrote a book about how fame makes someone’s life really weird.

But the reality is that our protagonist survives fame. Which almost certainly means you will survive your book release, your big audition, your dream job, and the way you or other people may screw all of those things up or at least find them kind of eh.

And on some level that sucks.  It’s totally balloon bursting.

But if succeeding isn’t the end of the world, and failing isn’t the end of the world, wow, there’s a lot less out there to stop you all of a sudden, isn’t there?

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1 Response to Do the thing! (Even though you’re totally going to screw it up)

  1. J.L. Douglas says:

    I’m so excited for you two! (And I can’t wait for the paperback. I won’t get to read it right away because I’m going on a trip, but I’m getting that one so I can pass it on to my mother who will get much more out of it).

    Also, yeah. Being mostly just a student my whole life, I’ve never experience “fame” per se, but awards and stuff are kind of similar, right? The funny thing I find about that stuff is that life never becomes static because you built the thing up as important.

    For better or worse, life always just goes on. I personally think that’s better because I see life as just life, but I can see how it’d be a letdown.

    That said, I hope your book is doing well! It seems like you’re getting a positive response!

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