New Novelette Coming: Room 1024

Remember that snippet we posted that had the working title of Conference? Where the guy awkwardly runs into his ex while at a BDSM leather conference? And then Erin’s mother sent her a weird email about whether she was in BDSM the way she used to be into elves?

Well, we’re happy to announce that we’ve signed a contract for that story with Torquere. It’s an M/M HEA with a M/M/M/M HFN possible future HEA. (Hi, Erin’s mom!).

For added hilarity, the story contains a fisting scene, which is relevant right now because of the recent drama in the romance writing community over a Vice article that claims romance writers don’t know what fisting is.



More concerning than that false assertion, honestly, is the Vice author who doesn’t grok that words have multiple meanings and that fists can be used for multiple purposes.

Anyway, thanks for your enthusiasm when we first posted about this story. We’ll announce the release date when we have it, and do a cover reveal when the time comes.

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