New Release: “Bad Idea Alligators”

Erin & I have short story out today in the Love in Los Angeles universe.  It’s actually set between Starling and Doves, it’s arguably a spoiler, especially if you want to feel uncertainty regarding Starling‘s end-game and mid-game relationships.  That said, it can also be read in a totally out of context way.

After all, Torquere said, “Hey, want to write a 500 – 1,000 word story for a free anthology?” and we said “Hey, we haven’t managed to write trailer sex in this series yet.”

In addition to our story (in which the previously mentioned Victor plays the role of alligator, btw), the anthology contains 20 other short stories.  You can download it for free at Torquere Books.

dfta200Please Don’t Feed the Alligators

What happens when a bunch of authors at a convention see a sign on the pier in Savannah that reads, “Please Don’t Feed the Alligators?”

Well, we found out at Authors After Dark in 2013 that such a sign can evoke strong images for a lot of people. BA Tortuga, Kiernan Kelly and I wanted to do an anthology, but we just didn’t have the time to write long stories. So we asked the great authors at Torquere Press Inc. to write us some flash fiction so we could use the theme.

Everyone came up with something wonderful, and I personally want to thank all the amazing authors who donated their time to this free read!

We hope you love the stories, too, but be careful around that pier in Savannah.

Julia Talbot

P.S. I believe this anthology will also be available for free on All Romance soon, and there’s a coupon code in the back of the book to use on a future purchase.  You might be into that, what with Starling coming out soon and all that.

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