Did the Thing! – July accomplishment round-up

didthethingIt’s the last Friday of the month, and it’s time for us all to brag about our accomplishments.  That means you, in the comments, right now.  Anonymous posting is on.

I’ll confess, that in a lot of ways, I don’t feel like we got a lot done this month.  This isn’t actually true (massive edits? check; various lighter edits? check; new novella out the door? check), but we currently have an absurd number of things out for submission and outside of the RWA 2014 convention, the romance world has sort of ground to a halt while everyone is at the conference.  Writing, as a job, involves an awful lot of waiting, and it’s easy to (erroneously) feel like you haven’t gotten stuff done in the face of that.

But we did get those things out of the door, and we did start the new book, and we did get our plan for 2015 done, in terms of when we start (and finish) which books and projects, and what specs and pilots we’re writing through next year.  That is also an absurd number which I will not be sharing with the class.  I will, however, say the feature script we’ve prioritized is a female-led new-adult road-trip music-industry thriller.  Adjectives are terrible.  Also hyphens.  If you can’t keep a sense of humor though, this stuff becomes intolerable quickly.

So tell us why you’re awesome.  Or, join us in trying (and probably failing) to be zen about waiting part of writing.

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10 Responses to Did the Thing! – July accomplishment round-up

  1. Anonymous says:

    I had been unsatisfied at my job, but comfortable doing it, for a long time now. I took a a chance, made a move and found a great job in my new city. I don’t know if this is the right answer for me, but it felt great, just breaking free. New city, new job and a lot of pride for, finally, doing the thing!

    • erincmcrae says:

      Congratulations! That is a huge, and an amazing, change to make. Go you for doing the thing, and best of luck for all the new adventures.

  2. Anton says:

    I haven’t got much/any writing done. But I’ve gone to the gym three or four times every week this month. At work I can lift a Jura Giga 5 espresso machine over my head without even straining these days and without being scared I’m going to drop/damage that thing. (It costs five grand.) I even fell off a ladder the other day and managed to land on my feet. I’m still short and overweight but I feel a lot more badass today than I did a month ago.

    • erincmcrae says:

      I now have this awesome image of you as like a superhero barista and it is awesome. Seriously badass, and phenomenal Doing of the Thing 🙂

  3. Nony says:

    Well…I’ll have Done two Things by Thursday? Which is still July! Will have successfully moved two projects one step forward each–too late in the year for them to be finished this go-around, but will set me up in a better place to start over next year. So really, an investment in my future, even if I know failure is inevitable for this attempt 🙂

    • erincmcrae says:

      That’s AMAZING! And like you say, it’s an investment in next year, so totally not a failure in the big picture. Doing the Thing is often about getting all the little Things in line and you are doing just that. Congratulations!!

  4. Anonymous says:

    I have been taking acting classes for a year or so, and lately I started going to a drop-in improv class as well. It is scary as hell, but so invigorating! I tell myself, “do the thing!”, and I get my ass there, fear and all. I’m planning to retire from my “real” job in a few years, get an agent and start doing what I’m passionate about. In the meantime, I’m “doing the thing” whenever I can.

  5. erincmcrae says:

    Congratulations! Acting terrifies me, so I can only imagine the scary. So good on you for doing the thing and pursuing your passion!

  6. Anonymous says:

    I got little to none writing done, and that makes me very very sad, but I did make like 10+ steps foward to move out, so at least I did something!

  7. verity says:

    I have gotten started on a new fic that is as close to original YA as I have ever written, and my friends who write YA and are reading along with me are nudging me to do more original stuff. Potential is exciting, but right now, I am mostly thrilled about the 9k I’ve written on this project this month. 😀

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