Did the Thing!

didthethingIt’s time to celebrate what you got done this month!  Right now, I’m freaking out because of just how much more I have to get done this month, including answering some great Do the Thing comments here and on Tumblr, but it will get done, because I say so, because Erin says so, and because you’re all going to encourage me with your own achievement right now.



Ready. Set…. BRAG!

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6 Responses to Did the Thing!

  1. sojohnson says:

    I started actually writing in the blog that I’ve had for ages but felt like I didn’t have enough “real” things to say! And then I told people I was doing it, which was actually much scarier.

  2. Anonymous says:

    I’m almost on my second month of writing my novel 250 words/day. Today I reached 15K words. Little, but better than nothing!

  3. Anonymous says:

    I’m job hunting right now, so most of doing the thing involves taking temp jobs, which is scary for me (I’m a nanny, so temping involves families and children I don’t know and quite often driving to parts of town I’ve never been to). But I also, thanks to one of your posts here about learning to let go of parts of a story, realized that the story I need to tell in my novel is not the love story up to a phone call that I’ve been writing, but the fall out from that phone call. Because the story isn’t these two men finding each other, it’s what happens when their new relationship has to grow alongside hard choices and family obligations.

    So yeah, that was a good realzation. It means I have to scrap 13k of months of writing, but better to figure it out now than once it was finished.

  4. Anonymous says:

    I survived costuming the feminist retelling of the Oresteia. The costuming part was not difficult, but the people part was really hard (through no fault of the director and cast, who were all very nice). Also I might have started a band.

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