TRS Staying Home Party — Win Stuff!

So there’s this cool romance novel focused website called The Romance Studio, and while many of our peers are off at the Romantic Times conference in New Orleans, they are hosting a Staying Home Party on their website.

Basically, it’s a chance for authors to keep busy, meet and greet with fans, new potential readers, and other authors, and make a lot of blog posts, over on the TRS website. We’ll be sharing some content over there you’ve already largely seen on Avian30, but we do encourage you to visit the TRS party website for three reasons.

(Excuse me while I pull a Liam.  He’s one of our supporting characters in Starling and a complete darling, but conversing with other people generally requires him to make a list).

1. Discover other authors! The TRS Staying Home party features authors of all romance genres and types: Opposite sex, same sex, poly, menage, supernatural, contemporary, historical, you name it!

2. Chat!  Right now we’re asking you about wedding disasters over there.  Surely, you want to share.

3. Win things! Every author participating in the Staying Home Party has contributed a prize and TRS is offering a fantastic prize as well.  You can fill out this form to win a free digital copy of “Lake Effect” when it is released on June 18th and fill out this form to win a $100 gift card to Amazon. We’ll never put you on our mailing list without permission, and that permission will always be opt-in, not opt-out (although once you opt-in, you can always opt-out).  Additionally, giving us permission is not a requirement of entering the contest.  All other fine print at the TRS website.

The Staying Home Party and the contest run through May 18, 2014.

Cool?  Cool.

(And yes, we totally wish we had an overtly LGBT banner for the party, but we don’t. We do have lots of bisexual characters though, so we do think of it as a perfectly acceptable fit).

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