Starling sounds

Music is a pretty big part of Erin and I’s writing process.  Sometimes that music is about the rhythm we’re looking to create on the page.  Often, it’s about the way to understand our characters based on their tastes and habits. Sometimes, it’s just a procrastination device.

So we build a lot of playlists as we’re working.  The longest and most developed of those is the Starling playlist, which has a few deliberate themes in it. This includes songs with a country-rock sound which make us think of Alex in his car driving from Indiana to Los Angeles that first time, songs about fame or becoming famous, and random songs that were just on the radio a lot when we started building the list.

Despite having also created lists for Doves and successive books, which we’ll also share eventually (Erin is also putting together a “Lake Effect” playlist that we’ll share as that release gets closer), it’s this set of songs we come back to the most.

Since we can’t stop listening to it, we thought we’d share it with you.

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2 Responses to Starling sounds

  1. Anton says:

    There’s just not enough Kesha on that playlist.

  2. jaelscribble says:

    I guess Spotify is illegal where I am or something because I can’t listen to the playlist, but the songs I know are great.

    I would personally read ANY book inspired by “Only the Horses.”

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